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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  January 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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to shoot at policeman. >> the police officer shot but expected to survive. tonight a known drug is behind bars and that nine year veteran of bpd is covering at the hospital. good evening everyone. i vanessa welch not mark ockerbloom shooting happened in dorchester neighborhood when officers try to pull over grant henley unmount bowden terrace. police they got out of the car and opened fire officers in the 27-year-old is well known to background. he was out on probation. tonight he's under arrest. meantime the officer part of the mattapan drug unit is recovering from a leg wound boston medical center. >> tonight fox25 team coverage kerry kavanaugh spoke to the father. >> but first let's start with blair miller was live in dorchester the shooting plato. >> it all started right here behind me in fact we see the crime scene tape is still up right now.
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the car behind me the suspect shooting. >> just before 10:30 a.m. gunfire dorchester gary bell sought all from his home. >> five loud banks. does wake up. >> i looked out the window that i saw the guy running through the yard. police say grant henley of dorchester shot the officer a nine year veteran of the force he was in the leg. he seemed to be okay. that officer is expected to survive. >> boxed them in to stop him mission of william evans said all started as a drug and it went to pull over the car that hadley was driving because he's a known drug dealer and they knew he was driving without a license. evans says the suspect got out. >> he began to fire unprovoked at the officer.
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at that time the suspect took off. the suspect ran here about a block away.officers tackled him to recover the gun. >> were fortunate here that we don't have an officer who suffered a more severe injury. >> a lot of people out here saying that very same thing tonight. that shooting may have happened here but this all ended in a block from where we are down the hill. that's when the suspect was actually arrested that was right in front of a school system very concerned parents out here while all this was unfolding from them coming up tonight at six. >> officer was rushed to boston medical center right after the shooting that's where sean sharmann saccheti is live right now. officer's intensive care with serous like injury. >> reporter: he's here at bmc and the police tonight are not releasing his name we have been told he's a highly decorated officer. who in fact was about to
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for recent underestimate. we've been told he's alert side. >> a nine year veteran of the force working in the mattapan drug unit and shot abroad day probation. but it was what the officer just received within the last him. >> could've saved his life and in at least saved his life. we talk about a turn to get this that police officers in boston now have. and that he tried to apply to his own bleeding like. >> he tried to do his initially because all of our offices have a fellow uniformed officer who was nearby heard the call and he tied it off. >> he helped him that was fortunate. boston mayor marty walsh and police commissioner william evans want to boston medical center moments after speaking with the injured officer. >> what did you say to him?
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thanked him for his service. we told him you know in our minds he's a hero because he's out there doing work god's work. >> mayor walsh pledging his support for boston police while praising the restraint. were not going to tolerate anyone going after the boston police department their job is to protect the community and protect the neighborhood. that's what they do every single day day in and day out. >> police officers here in boston one of those tourniquets after the boston marathon bomber spoke with had a boston police patrolman's association what he says needs to stop why the public ought to be outraged. that's coming up at six. were live here outside boston medical center. we are learning a lot more about grant henley and as long criminal history from drug and weapons charges paid at least two of his previous mugshots of fox25 is a reporter kerry
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track down the suspects father son's arrest. >> reporter: doctor court records showed heavy criminal his past. lisa dictated his father earlier today did not want starbucks his criminal history. he did however have a message for the officer who shot. my city goes out to the police officer.and his family. if he's him he's wrong for doing that currently i use distraught to describe always feeling just hours after son's police say 27-year-old grant henley seen here in a 2009 booking photo shot an officer who pulled them over friday morning. commission will evans says henley was an area drug dealer and that police officers knew he was driving with a suspended license when they boxed them in
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>> he began to fire unprovoked at the officer. the officer quickly exchanged gunfire he's out on probation. he's out selling drugs. what we know polices that he's been arrested several times for a few years in prison they do describe is a very upstanding member of society. i can't comment about that i really don't want to comment about that fox25 investigates full court records showing his criminal history dates back at least a decade and includes arrest for weapons and drug charges. last april for carrying a firearm about a license. >> you have any information message for the boston police department today? >> yes my city goes out to the officers i don't condone that kind of behavior. if he did it you know is wrong. >> do think you need to do alive? >> yes i think so.
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>> he is lucky. >> again we dug through several court records retaliate six total arrest including arrest stemming from a significant illegal firearms gets more on that next hour with fox25 news were live in dorchester. >> shooting a boston police officer coming on the heels of another officer coming under the city of philadelphia last night surveillance footage shows the suspect running up to fire. philadelphia police in the investigators he shot officer in the name of islam. and pledged his allegiance to isis.>> officer jesse hartnett was shot three times return fire. the shootings cannot be tolerated. >> last night in philadelphia police officer was almost assassinated semi came up to minute cruiser ambushed him i cruiser.
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occurrence in this country. it cannot stand. >> officer say the suspect in philadelphia was using a stolen police gun. back in boston extra precautions were taken to keep the children safe in the area of the shooting. put into safe mode. that means classes kept going on but no one was allowed in or out of the building until the nearby scene was secure. :out to paris this morning to let them know what was going on. >> coverage continues through the next half hour coming up at 5:30 will be joined by former boston police superintendent dan linsky. he will take us through the process of taking down a gunman without using deadly force. he'll also give us insight on the dangers members of the unit each and every day with on the
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that's all new in the next five. >> we are falling for you today after a couple of mild days weather is changing as we move into the weekend. >> will be watching for the potential of isis temperatures falling back to near freezing to the interior already back to 32 places like canaan was there it's really 40 boston above average despite all the house came on it with that easterly flow but take a look we got some showers just where southwest these will continue to push eastward and provide a few showers throughout the day tomorrow and well be watching that winds up to the water in some areas of drizzle overnight tonight. get as temperatures will be below freezing to the interior we could see some icy conditions out there. some freezing drizzle but notice by saturday morning were
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to parts of vermont is well as new hampshire slick conditions best but i think north and west of 128 to the interior until about mid day tomorrow. that will start to see temperatures climb back and get above freezing but overnight this is what you can expect for temperatures. staying in the 30s down across the cape and islands cooler through the interior we got a big jump in temperatures heading away this weekend. it comes with a wall of rain i'll let you know when that arrives coming up. >> breaking tonight stock market just finished its worst week in five years.falling oil prices and concern of china's economy major factors could go $34 a barrel numbers we have not seen since since 2004. by the look at the big four today about drop one of 60 points s&p 500 also drifted well in the red. on this friday.
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is a man charges stabbing brokerage. he said they got a break in the case after what is provided a partial plate and description. of the vehicle that assessment appearing in quincy district within the past hour -and-a-half 25 robert wilson
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>> first braintree police had nothing to go on but that witness was able to provide that crucial information within 24 hours were able to make an arrest in tonight where learning a little more about what happened. >> he had five or six stab wounds to the torso and shoulder area. the scene unfolded late thursday afternoon near granite and north streets in braintree. fox 25 was on scene right after it happened talk to witnesses who saw the man who please say were staffed outside his car after a road rage incident with another driver. >> he was laying down in the grass with a short half of any had police say the other driver took off before they got there. at least one witness described the blue acura and had three of the digits on the registration plate.
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it was given the first numbers of the plate. police in the car was registered to 32-year-old mario roman of quincy. investigators were able to track him down in a friend's home in somerset. in court today the assistant da said roman admitted to having an altercation with another driver in braintree and they found reddish-brown stink that appeared to be blood on his vehicle. it's unclear what led to the altercation between the drivers but police say they did not know each other and they believe it started on the road. >> got out of the car engaged in mutual altercation. >> roman is being held tonight on a couple of charges including assault and battery with the intent to murder. that effective is recovering in the hospital braintree police telling us that is expected to go to be okay he underwent two surgeries today. >> we live in quincy. >> five is forced to break down the door of a fatal apartment to get to baby and have a nanny who police say was drunk. when they got inside is a
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trouble standing she had a blood alcohol level of.32. conway lewis hired from canada, after checking references doing a background check. connell really has been charged with child endangerment. >> norovirus local elementary schools closed today the illness affected about 20 percent of the garden the second grade students at memorial elementary in winchendon. neutralizes stomach virus that causes vomiting fever body aches and other symptoms. >> to area colleges have banned hoverboard's umass amherst and boston college said the devices are just too dangerous to have on campus. as we reported the batteries can overheat causing the hoverboard to catch fire. police people also falling get hurt. hoverboard were one of the most popular holiday gifts this year. >> your local forecast from meteorologist sarah wroblewski. >> we said goodbye to the sunshine today we sure did with that clouds moving in temperatures still above normal and lower 40s but we saw some weather for us to talk about starting this evening actually
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spot income tomorrow will be dealing with some drizzle with temperatures and low freezing especially to the interior could having some icy roads especially those overpasses the bridges you want to take it easy if you're going to be out late tonight or early tomorrow morning. but temperatures warm up and boy do they bake it record warm bringing some very heavy rain as well into the region. what we've got going on that weekend storm for sunday really hasn't even developed too much will be watching moisture begin to didn't develop to the south but this area precipitation right here this will be moving on in breaking apart as it does so and that will bring them spotty showers to new england as we head to the day tomorrow. notice clouds moving in from the west also to update today we saw this clouds build on in with that onshore flow that will be watching for overnight tonight still that wind out of the east bringing in the cloud cover keeping it safe also
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of drizzle perform. the clouds will ask like a blanket so were expecting to see temperatures right now they're in the 30s and 40s really not fall to the cold conditions we've experienced the last few days. wins, to the interior but notice again here we are in those winds off of the water anywhere from five to about 15 miles per hour. if you have plans seeking it's friday night expect temperatures to be near 40 degrees and then dropping just into the upper 30s in the boston area. you're going to have to watch for some areas of drizzle but that you have those coats going to be cloudy out there. overnight to the interior even up to the north cases like lawrence in framingham up to manchester that's where we'll see temperatures 41 freezing mark if not below and the best shot of seeing some slippery spots by the time you wake up tomorrow on through the overnight hours but also be tracking a few showers as we watch that area precipitation
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icy patches a few flurries could be possible to the north but it's going to be that sunday so that everyone is going to see some rain as we head through the weekend. futurecast showing the drizzle as we head into the evening and overnight hours notice we got some snow and sleet mixing on and with that rain moving in from the south moving into the colder air that across the winglet so by saturday at 7 o'clock the clouds with us areas of drizzle possible throughout the day most of precipitation will be fairly light will warm up by the afternoon so changing over anything to just all plain rain and boy look at this by sunday here's our heavy rain especially during the midday and afternoon hours. you're going to see her. of windy conditions gossip high is 50 miles per hour along the coast that will boost those
5:19 pm
the 50s by sunday. but once the system comes on through we drop in temperatures falling back into the 30s just above lori on monday and that will have to watch as the system still questions about bring rain into wednesday before we really get cold thereafter. temperatures fall below average. >> pesky friends becoming acquainted in police check this out officer say this turkey senior the rear will become hubcaps. chases the cruises around as they move about the parking lot. to help solve the issue police said they are going to be installing gravy air fresheners in the car. >> gobble gobble. >> unreal. >> consequential local beach that also could be threatening other beaches in the is a precious reporting same cables could be garden 40 other places in 12 states.
5:20 pm
guard lights before they were converted to solar power. last time a woman was hurt after a corroded cable caused
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international drug lord who escaped from a maximum security prison has been recaptured. el chapo's arrest breaking early this afternoon sigmund we first part of this video of his escape mexican drug king and finishing to hold itself. police captured el chapo and northwestern mexico all of the shooter.five people were killed during this scenes. two terrace hundred miles apart could now be linked we first the breaking news of the arrest last night on the 525 news at 10 tonight jimmy ross reports as evidence to support the two iraqi refugees arrested may have a connection. >> two men one in texas the other california accused of terror related crimes. now i law-enforcement official tells cnn the two dedicated with each other. federal agents arrested 24-year-old omar for a need our houston as they the justice department at the end of the night states the iraqi refugee in 2009 and was granted legal permanent residents that is three years later.
5:22 pm
support isis. and making false statements to become a us citizen. this application he allegedly denied any connection to terror organizations the justice department says he has associated with members of isis and isis devices. >> in fact sacramento agent arrested 23-year-old mohammed yunus out to his speaking charges of making false statements involving international terrorism. after coming to america as a refugee in 2012 he traveled overseas again and allegedly claimed he went to syria to fight the terror group then return. what is no evidence he was planning an attack just lying about a tear connection is a federal crime. >> accusing summary of some extraordinary misconduct it has to be only done after an enormous amount of evidence has been collected.the two cases, as many americans worry terrace could enter the united states posing as refugees from war-torn nation. it's never enough unless you have a note from a dictator or
5:23 pm
of where the person traveled this is an extraordinary snapshot of are facing now. >> what he does now america's big tech companies met with top white house officials in san jose california state groups discuss how terrorists are using social media.the key issue include identifying recruitment methods. apple google facebook microsoft and twitter are among the groups helping in ministration officials come up with a plan to address this massachusetts for the opportunity to legalize recreational marijuana in november. state senators want make sure they're week several of them were travel to colorado to learn more about the state system for legalize pot. i'm traveling with them will bring alive reports beginning monday night from denver on the fox news at 10. the triple meeting with state politicians and police officers in colorado in 2015 marijuana
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boston police officer shot by suspect in dorchester for 25 on the air all morning following the developments. that we know the officers going to be okay the suspect was known to police as under arrest. this is a look at the suspect 27-year-old hadley according to boston police he was pulled over around 10:45 am on mount bowden terrace allegedly starting shooting a police as soon as he stepped out of his car. the victim veteran officer with the drug unit.he was shot in the leg and is expected to make a full recovery.
5:26 pm
assigned to the japan drug unit is highly decorated just about to give them accommodation for a recent gunner arrest he made and again were all here were all thankful that he's obviously isn't more seriously injured. >> suspect grant hadley was not hurt again is well known to police commissioner evans saying he's a known drug suspect. right now are getting more inside today shooting joined by former boston police superintendent chief dan linsky was now managing director of investigation always good to see a cheap fix you great insight as we want to have you in today. take us through when police approached the vehicle is boxed in what the standard procedure and protocol. it depends on whether the undercover operation marker where the you can use uniformed vehicle. oftentimes if you can you could try and have a uniformed vehicle if you think it's not likely to subject is going to
5:27 pm
undercover investigation going to have to agree vehicle to econobox the vehicle in and then appears with the vehicle is boxed in individual decided to get out and engage the offices and a competition. >> what about the suspect is known to police. the gentleman was a criminal past. >> in the record they knew who he was is known well and is known to be involved with violence and firearms so you're going to make sure you get in a quick you take a tactical advantage when you can going to be prepared for that possibility that he's going to engage in violence which he did well supervised unit and b-tree that supervisor well respected that team is well-respected in the streets of boston well-trained women approach to subject today and he responded with violence. >> we talked about earlier but members of the drug unit often operate in plainclothes with a badger on the neck talk about this particular unit of the offer is a try and lend into
5:28 pm
>> yes dangerous assignment you can have mark because sometimes people think that you're the other bad guy. unfortunately narcotics officer will tend to be undercover with the doing is available for the working undercover investigations they portray bad guys and sometimes at the switch doesn't come on individual seizure with the suspect trying to rob them or somebody else in the gang before the recognizer police officer that can be dangerous. but these offices are going to be wearing when they mixed up like it's going to have the badges displayed the often have their rain jackets on the blood tests with them. sometimes circumstances develop and they do have the ability to do that because we got them doing surveillance during operations where they do not look like police officers and circumstances and rescission quickly and might not have an opportunity for other protective vest but when they can make approach with the bulletproof vest on and the ba will identify pickets showing
5:29 pm
time is of the essence two boston medical center quickly. >> with the finest ems service in the country. our medics are phenomenal. they do a great job of taking offices in a citizens every day.can be very dangerous to complete out we put tonic at the front line officers i'm sure make sure they down the flow blood of the brother officer to the amulets into the hospitals quickly as possible. >> the need to get guns off the street members of law enforcement for the lives in the line for us every day. absolutely mark every day those prayers with our brother in philadelphia this was a local terrace is engaged in violence and gang violence in our neighborhood in philadelphia was on its national party fighting terrorist attack in philadelphia officer chris with him and his family is well. >> never know what you're going to face day-to-day this line of work. that's correct mark. >> when you leave your home
5:30 pm
at night.thankfully the outcome here is that this officer will recover and potentially be back on the force. >> absolutely we've had two officers shot in similar fashion to less than a year where they motivate. and in the individual smartcard right away are engaging in a full file the solids you can try to take a lot of those often the god there is a significant is a quick touch on that as we wrap this up.about that you no doubt look at this and what you may want to change or alter the next time you put the vehicle is that right. >> were always looking to see if it's something that could be done better if it's a way we could make our offices safe there is a better quit and out there is there additional training for always looking in these types of instances to see what else could happen to make it happen sometimes however there many woman of the boston police department up against evil everyday sometimes evil is going to have to be comforted head-on.
5:31 pm
>> story breaking we alerted you on any new information came into our newsroom to get breaking news weather tracked down load the news app is free for all devices. >> weather out there is changing as we move into the weekend things are dry now in boston but we could see some response on the road as the evening goes on. let's check in now with weather meteorologist for sarah wroblewski. >> the clouds moved in thanks to the underwent temperatures back into the 30s north and west to 40 degrees in boston were expecting to see a few degrees drop as we head to the overnight hours but that went out of the northeast makes it feel like it's at the freezing mark. over the next 12 hours you'll see not much much in the temperatures but places like fitchburg where it's 35 degrees right now we are expecting to see in worcester 32 expecting to see some possibility of as
5:32 pm
overnight and spots it may present context which could allow for some black ice preconditions best chances to the interior that because temperatures will be below freezing but we do have a big jump in temperatures i will show you when to expect that and when everyone will see widespread rain ahead. >> investigators go inside the dow chemical plan for the process and just as violence motion for work is seriously injured in the blast is operating on the fox 25. last night. tonight this is some new video of chris getting rid of some of those dangerous chemicals. 525 this was a very violent explosion as the chief said a process that when it went wrong it finally went wrong this morning fox25 with there is crews continue to clear the alchemical company plant in north andover. as we first reported yesterday a chemical explosion inside one of the rooms injured five workers. for critically. before hazmat bomb squad members can isolate the
5:33 pm
have to remove the other cylinders containing tried methyl aluminum from that area the north andover fire chief said the cylinders about the size of basketballs. >> until that happens in the areas declared safe investigators won't know what caused the explosion. human error or otherwise. trimethyl aluminum is extremely volatile and will cause explosion if it comes into contact with air or water. >> that's where the investigation will focus on what caused what material caused the compromise and caused the explosion. he said yesterday his explosion prompted one of their largest responses in recent history. as for the workers who were injured he did not have an update on their condition. >> let's keep our fingers crossed and pray for recovery of these four serious injured workers. our marshall wasn't sure how many containers were in that room but called this a very delicate process.
5:34 pm
us chemical safety board on this investigation. >> did you know something could be missing from your brand-new car? what are the important feature could leave you stranded on the
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marco rubio hosting a town hall in concord new hampshire to present a whole. but protecting that is improving the va. rubio also said when he's elected president will make america the easiest best place to create jobs. >> to celebrities helping to stop hillary clinton today new hampshire soccer superstar and actors both came out today and to surround the voters for the democratic candidate also with clinton campaigning in manchester while wow dover concord in salem. she stuck the popular hbo show girls one box was part of the 2015 was women's soccer team that won the world cup. >> made his back tracking tonight after making racially charged comments is weak. governor paul lepage cities looked up on wednesday when he treated the state heroine problem to men who impregnate young white girls then leave. >> i was going impromptu in my brain didn't catch up to my mind. instead of saying main women i
5:36 pm
going to apologize to the main women to that.because if you go to maine you'll see that were essentially 95 percent white. >> back in 2013 the page allegedly told a private to the present obama hates white people. >> massachusetts attorney under five are controversial comments he made jack green was given a presentation to the bottom planning for this week about historic home on tuesday night. african-american board member joked that it could have been his ancestors home and that's when greeted allegedly told the board member he would've been a slave. not a homeowner. >> it was a joke that was a bad joke maybe had a bad day but not on my watch. i make sure stopped him at his tracks made sure he apologized. greeted did apologize to the board and has since been fired by the companies representing he did not respond to our calls for comment.
5:37 pm
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planta potential house undocumented immigrant teens at hanscom air force base we first told about this plant last night the fox five news at five. . >> reporter: families in mexico and central america are sending their children to the united states to cross the border with almost nothing but hope for better life the number of unaccompanied minor submittal care doubled to 10,000 last year oklahoma congressman told me it's a country's obligation to help these kids. >> the children need to be taken care of the need housing they needed shelter than he but he's against a new us out and
5:40 pm
military bases to how the teens. site visits began this week at six bases across the country. were talking about having access and in off protected areas that are not accessible to the general public. one of the bases is hanscom air force base in messages congressman district. only the legitimate concern that need to be addressed were to make sure their dress before we move forward with the proposal the kids staying at the military bases would be between 13 and 17 years old the average day for child about a month before and be released to a sponsor home. both sides they don't want the housing plan to impact military missions. we are working closely with the base commander to ensure that the base can continue doing its important functions for the department of defense. if these children come. >> hhs to the military sense it would be a landlord with no rule taking care of the teenage. >> pentagon says it still on
5:41 pm
will be used how many teens might be placed at the site and when they would arrive. >> searches of the central blockbuster us supreme court monday high court decision could have a significant impact in massachusetts. decision will affect schoolteachers nurses and firefighters. justices will decide whether states can keep requiring employees not in a union to pay union fees for negotiating. a group of california teachers were argue monday that mandatory. like first member writes workers who disagree with the unions positions especially liquid. union advocates say that these cover the cost of negotiating employee contracts because this is really an agenda that says let's weaken unions. the justices decision could unravel thousands of contracts around the country. >> $800 million that is a jackpot percentage powerball drawing number which can still climb over the next several hours.
5:42 pm
before taxes is $496 million you can buy tickets in massachusetts until 945 saturday during wednesday $1 million ticket was sold in plymouth. earlier today convenience store rebel doctor dollars worth of tickets all people had to do to enter was like and share kathy's corner store facebook post. >> if you win the jackpot this weekend you would have one ticket some of the world highest-paid liberties lori whether a singer. carrie evening futurecast help which is more than $428 million you can still top the list. >> just imagine. i cannot even wrap my head around $428 million. >> i guarantee you that there were a lot of people in line in night. keep that in mind 9:45 pm. >> on the huge for somebody got to win. >> i think iou this time. >> hold you to a. >> one person will probably
5:43 pm
maybe a few more you never know a lot of folks heading in sure enough it's going to be not too bad this weekend on saturday to get out your ticket but sunday you're going to want to stay inside. sure enough we got chances of showers increasing and becoming really heavy as we head into the afternoon on sunday so let's get right to the headlines talk about the possibility of some drizzle overnight is not going to be widespread it will be in spots not only tonight but also for the day tomorrow. the reason why i'm concerned about it to the interior temperatures will be below freezing so any drizzle or fog that we do see freezer contact untreated services you icy patches on the roadways overnight through early tomorrow precipitation moves on and we could find a few snowflakes mixing and i think the best chances we of new hampshire and vermont as the sunday. that's going to be talking about soaking rain 1 to 2 inches along with wind gusts
5:44 pm
that's going to boost temperatures well above average but it comes with the wet conditions but it's dry right now in boston it's 40 degrees temperature today still love average but with that wind off of the water bringing in that cloud cover feels like it at that freezing marks what you got plans in the city tonight you want to dress up appropriately half that layer have that code as temperatures will be right around 40 into the upper 30s really not budging too much because of the cloud cover out there. wind. it is colder though to the interior right now it's ready to in worcester being keen this area through the art of worcester county into parts of southwestern new hampshire and concerned is watching for any areas of drizzle but also watching for this area precipitation to move on and to the overnight hours as temperatures will be below freezing and early tomorrow as that wet weather moves on in. we could be talking about some icy conditions. so expecting to see roads in
5:45 pm
the coast low 40s not a concern although you can see some areas of drizzle across the southeast it's through the interior that best chance of things the preconditions we will see some improvement as temperatures begin to rise as we head to the midday hours of your saturday but again futurecast showing the risk of a few snowflakes mixing on in as the wet weather to the southwest will move on and asked for the rest of the area you're going to see dry times are going to see some showers at times it will be generally light but by late morning into the midday hour we got the cold front coming in on sunday were talking about some very wet weather. >> here we are saturday not much in the way of precipitation but by sunday we got one to about an inch -and-a-half a brain some could see rumbles of thunder under thunderstorms mixing on it but boy cooler weather follows temperatures in the 50s on sunday the struggle to get out of the 30s a few floors could
5:46 pm
tuesday watching a system that could bring a wintry mix as temperatures really bottom out some big change heading away by late next week. >> next week item assassination of president kennedy will go up for auction. on monday you will be at the for the original keys to the limo jfk was shot in. november november 22, 1963 along with the keys you get a photograph of the car with the first family in it the items are being sold to golden auction starting bid $5000. >> we are following developing story i had tonight at six right now but the police officer is in the hospital after getting shot during a traffic stop. we have live team coverage from the scene in the hospital.
5:47 pm
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hundreds of millions of internet explorer users will become foldable to hackers microsoft. supporting older versions of the program release one must fix bugs for internet explorer 8 to 10 after that it's going to push uses up to upgrade internet explorer 11 microsoft edge. microsoft first warned of these changes in august 2014. 40 feature that could be missing from a lot of new cars. you might not even be aware of it.
5:49 pm
shows us what it is and how it could leave you stranded on the side of the road if it's not in your car. >> i was shocked i said you've got to be kidding me i never thought it was a question i had asked pickett that question does his car, the spare tire? >> if you're in the market for a new car the answer is it doesn't. about a third of the cars that are sold now do not have a spare tire. in an effort to make cars more fuel-efficient some factors have stopped supplying them. mike flanagan found out he didn't have a spare when he went to the repair shop for slowly. they said we can't fix it and we can't order the same tires let's put the spare on it you can take it to another shop and that's when we found that we didn't have a spare. in its place he found an inflator kit. but those only work in very rare specific situations. some of the challenges with an inflator kit is that it really what's large and the tire has
5:50 pm
other side and what medical flat in the first place has to still be in the air. which means you'll be need to be towed. take a 20 minute problem and changes it into an entire day's event. you got somewhere around a four in 10 chance that your new car will not have a spare tire. so a lot of people do is whether tires wear out they keep the best of the four when they replace them via next to ram and keep that as a spare tire. that way you're not stranded by the side of the road. >> i'm clark howard. >> consumer advice save your family money visit part >> sergeant messages could be subject to new rules for doctors may have to document every time they enter and leave an operating room. it comes after the globe report that the surgeon would double booking performing more than one surgery at a time. it is a nationwide problem but at mass general hospital ongoing federal and state investigations into this issue.
5:51 pm
its kind in the research indicates illegal hits play a large role confession suffered by youth ice hockey players.researchers found more concussion rates and youth ice hockey are no greater than another context what more than 40 percent of concussions were caused by those illegal hits. to your study also found the younger the player the higher the risk. >> is a new reason to cut back on sugar a new study suggest too much sugar in your diet could increase the risk of breast cancer. the research will dynamite and found the mice on high sugar diets were much more likely to develop tumors on the mammary glands.researchers say this not the first time that that is pointed to a link between breast cancer and sugar intake. >> now it's six boston police officer shot. >> a dangerous encounter in broad daylight what the officer did to help save his own life. and what the suspects father had to say after learning of his son's arrest.
5:52 pm
tracking the chance of black ice and spots night out show you when will see a big change in temperatures and wet and windy weather arrives pickett new at six police a woman left her grandson alone so she could steal from a restaurant. what investigates that she locked herself in hoping to avoid arrest. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 6. >> developing for tonight six boston police officer in intensive care after getting shot in the line of duty. hello everyone. i'm vanessa welch. >> live on air for hours everything unfolded late this afternoon led to where it all happened best is a well known drug dealer shot a nine year veteran during a traffic stop around 10:30 a.m. it happened dorchester. here's what we know right now the officer was rushed to boston medical center with a
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